Why Clutch Chairz?

Are you skeptical about spending so much money on a chair?  Are you doubting whether or not it is worth the investment?  Being a skeptical buyer is a good thing,  it allows us to answer your concerns and it helps ensure you make the best decision.  So why should you take the dive and invest in a premium chair and why choose Clutch Chairz over another brand?  The gaming chair market is ever expanding and we know it’s hard to choose.  We believe Clutch should be your first and last choice, the following are just some of the reasons why:

Premium Features

Clutch Chairz is the industry leader when it comes to premium features at the best price.
  • Oversize Armrests (3D or 4D depending on Series)
  • 2-lever mechanism with Tilt Lock Standard on all models
  • High Density, Cold-Cured Foam
  • Premium PU upholstery
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Base
  • Non-Marking PU Coated Castors
  • Extra Large Lumbar Support
  • Foam Ergonomic Neck Pillow

Quality is our Top Priority

Our highly trained quality control team pre-assembles and inspects every chair at the factory before final packaging.  We use only the highest quality materials such as high strength tubular steel, premium PU upholstery that looks and feels like real leather but is easy to clean and maintain.  Clutch implements strict Quality Control standards, any flaws in workmanship are rejected by our team.  The gaming chair industry is being flooded with cheap brands that only care about making quick sales and do not care about quality and the longevity of their products.  Which leads to our next point… Warranty.

Industry Best Warranty

We back up our claims of SUPERIOR QUALITY with a SUPERIOR WARRANTY.  By putting our money where our mouth is, you can rest easy knowing that your purchase is covered from manufacturer defects with our industry best warranty.  Clutch offers a Lifetime Warranty on the internal steel frame and a 3 Year Warranty on parts and upholstery.  See full details.

The Critics Agree

Ultimate Gaming Chair rated Clutch Chairz the #1  mobile PC gaming chair in their Best-of-List, May 2017. Read full review.

Breaking new ground with the WWE

We have some big names backing us up, including the WWE. Currently, we have chairs representing some of the biggest names in wrestling.  If your favorite wrestler is not available yet, stay tuned as we are adding new Superstars on a regular basis.


Durability is always a reason why you should spend more on a gaming chair than an ordinary office chair.  When a chair breaks or starts getting wobbly, you have to purchase another and then another. The cost for all these chairs can add up after a while and you may end up spending as much on different chairs as you would with one Clutch Chair.  Our heavy duty base is designed to support even the biggest gamer and our castors allow your chair to traverse any surface with ease, reducing the amount of wear and tear.  Our chairs are built to last, unlike the cheaper alternatives.

High-Quality Materials

Our chairs are not made from some cheap leather and stuffing. Our chairs are wrapped in premium PU upholster and are filled with cold cured, high-density foam. Translation – you receive a superior product that will not breakdown and look terrible after just a few months of use.  Our heavy-duty steel frame will stand strong for life, backed by our lifetime warranty.  At Clutch, we do not cut corners and we do not compromise on quality. With Clutch you can rest assured that you are only getting the best.

Spine Support

Our oversized lumbar support, combined with our ergonomic neck pillow will keep your spine happy, healthy and supported for years to come.   Sitting for long periods can a negative impact on your back, investing in a quality chair is a decision your back will thank you for later.

Ultimate Adjustability

Clutch Chairz takes adjustability  to the next level by offering a 2 lever mechanism on all models, allowing you to lock the seat-pan in a tilted position which enables you to de-weight your lower back and change your sitting position periodically throughout the day.  When you combine the adjustable seat angle with an adjustable backrest angle you can create the ultimate sitting position based on your personal preference.

A Chair for Every Body Type

Clutch does not settle for a one-size-fits-all approach.  Instead, we know that every person has different needs and thus we have models available for different body sizes and types.  Our Fit Guide will help you determine which model is best for you, giving you a chair that conforms to your body even better than the competition.  A chair that does not fit you properly it will not give you all the benefits, so go with a chair that will fit you the best.

Clutch Community

We love our customers and we’re not just saying that to win brownie points. The Clutch Community has designed some of our best selling chairs such as the Onylight editions and Poppaye editions.  These chairs were designed by the Clutch Community and we will continue to give designers and fans the opportunity to shape our product lineup moving forward.  Not only do we want to sell to you, we also want you to help our company grow and your feedback & suggestions are a top priority.
These are just a few reasons as to why our chairs sit above the rest. We are dedicated to quality and want to deliver a chair that will last you a long while, and make the price worth it. Clutch Chairz are hot in the market right now, and we believe they’ll only grow as time goes on. If you’re still not convinced, or have some questions needing to be answered before you make your decision, you can visit our support page to learn how to contact us.